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The definition of technoculture goes beyond music, literature, film, video, visual arts and all other new forms of artistic expression. It describes the sense of a changed world, the dissolution of the boundaries between the social and natural sciences, and the reinterpreted relationship between man and machine. Internet, virtual communities, artificial intelligences – the fruits of the joint work of Homo sapiens and the computer.
Ferenc Kömlődi, 1999

Ten short stories oscillating between personal and impersonal, public and private, old and new, big and small, benefiting from all the advantages and disadvantages of video transmission: the screen becomes the size of a palm, built upon the personal instead of the new, on the available as opposed to the complicated: this is real pocket tv, following its own rhythm.

Balázs Beöthy
PocketTV (Zsebtévé), 1998 >>>