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In 2001 we have arrived at a more sober age than that imagined: the conquest of space, the visions of the expansion of the human borders have been dwarfed by the – imagined or real – nightmare of cloning and the greenhouse effect. The tempo is dictated by (imagined or real) scientific and economic necessity, while in the meantime science fiction permeates every part of our everyday lives.
József Mélyi, 2001: science fiction exhibition and event series, Budapest, 2001 >>>
Anita Sárosi, Avatar, 2004, video, 0'30 >>>
The meaning of the word avatar is "s/he who descends". I decided that I would "produce" my own avatar in the virtual space, with the aid of those technical tools, and with the specific usage of them that furnishes the possibility for us to create that reality which we choose for ourselves.
Game: The Future of Work and Communication, 6th international Vilém Flusser symposium
Lecturer: Benda Lubor, 1997 >>>
Computer 3D action games are the best tools to explain the principles of virtual reality. Easy to access, with no need for special hardware, they represent a "natural" evolution of the cyberspace environment.

A Hacker Manifesto by McKenzie Wark

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For a few hours we had the illusion of Cyberia.
I thought again that we were living in historic times, and that the hyperdimension was coming.
Ferenc Kömlődi, 1999